Privacy policy

Yonezawa Koki Co., Ltd. (hereafter “We”) collects personal information of customers during all phases of the planning and sales of various equipment and services.
We shall comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and maintain proper control of personal information. As a trading house providing general support services for manufacturers, we shall protect personal information of customers and make every effort to provide more reliability and peace of mind to customers.

1.Collection of personal information

Before collecting personal information, we shall define and state or disclose its intended use. We shall collect personal information lawfully and fairly without using deception or other wrongful means.

2.Use of personal information

We shall use personal information collected from customers to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes stated below.

Before using the collected personal information for any purposes other than those identified below, we shall always obtain prior consent of the customers to whom the information belongs:

(1)Responses to requests or inquiries for quotation and sending literature;
(2)Shipment of ordered products;
(3)Provision of information regarding seminars, products, and services; and
(4)Responses to questions or inquiries.

We may use phone, e-mail, post, or other appropriate means of communication as necessary to respond to customers.
It should be noted that in addition to the above, there may be instances in which additional usages will be individually defined when the disclosure of personal information is necessary for other services, surveys, etc.

3.Security of personal information

We shall establish an appropriate in-house system, provide employee education, and take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss, or destruction of personal information we handle and to ensure the security of such information.
We shall maintain and continuously improve these personal information protection methods through periodic reviews.

4.Outsourcing of personal information handling

When required to outsource all or part of personal information handling to any third party or parties, we shall select such a third party or parties through a rigorous screening process and perform necessary and appropriate supervision of the third party or parties to ensure the security of personal information outsourced to them.

5.Provision of personal information to third parties

Unless otherwise stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law or associated laws or regulations, we shall not provide personal information of customers to any third party without prior consent of the customers.

6.Disclosure and correction of personal information

We shall respond, as promptly as reasonably possible, to requests from customers for access to their own personal information.
Failure of the customers to verify their identity, however, shall result in our refusal to respond to their requests.
We shall respond to requests from customers for correction, addition, or deletion of their personal information due to any inaccuracies contained therein immediately after we confirm the reasonableness of their requests.
Failure of the customers to verify their identity, however, shall result in our refusal to respond to their requests.

Any requests or inquiries regarding our policy on the handling of personal information shall be accepted at the following e-mail address or phone number.

【 Contact 】
Yonezawa Koki Co., Ltd., General Administration Dept.
Phone: 03-3703-2131  9:00~17:30

7.Organization and system

We shall establish and continually improve an organization and system for ensuring proper control of personal information.

8.Changes to privacy policy

This privacy policy may be subject to change.
We may revise our privacy policy to protect personal information or to comply with changes in applicable laws, regulations, or guidelines. Any changes that may be made to our privacy policy shall be notified on our website.

Unless otherwise specified by us, such changes made to our privacy policy shall take effect upon posting to our website.

9.Management of our website

On our site, we may use technology called cookies to help us providing you with a good experience when you browse our website. While it records which page of our website your computer has visited, your personal information can not be identified or identified unless you enter your personal information on our website.
If you do not wish to use cookies, you can decline the use of cookies by changing your browser settings.
In that case, parts or all services may not be available.